At Eco Pallets And Wood Fuels Limited, once we have collected your waste pallets, packing cases, cable reels, clean off cuts of timber and saw dust, it’s immediately put into production, it’s graded first for quality, pallets and packing cases can it be repaired or can it be resold?

What we do

We have many pallets of all sizes and shapes euros, two way  four way we can manufacture any pallet or packing case to your specification, we collect, deliver, buy in and sell pallets and packing cases, we collect clean timber or damaged timber, we even supply full trailers on site for pallet collection daily, weekly, when ever is required, or  wood skips exchanged when full.

We manufacture all wood fuel on site with a brand name of  ” Quicklite ” this is then turned into our 100% recycled bagged dry Kindling with a very low moisture content an excellent product for lighting that stove, BBQ and garden heaters, the remaining wood waste is put through our very own onsite shredding and  Briquette plant providing excellent quality long lasting briquettes for everyday wood fuel with many uses.

We do our best to ensure we help the environment we live in, and do not send any timber to landfill.